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project 365 – day 118?: the creator’s project (or how I saw Interpol for free)

28 June 2010

Once in a while, I still get to do cool things!  Like getting into a free show-art exhibit-launch party for free!  This past Saturday, I attended the Creators Project Launch Party in NYC.  Earlier in the month, I entered a lottery where lucky winners get to attend this event.  I did not get a ticket.  I was really disappointed because I wanted to see Interpol, one of my favorite bands.  But!  I got a hook-up from my uber-cool cousin Jessica (who is a music journalist!); she won a spot, but couldn’t go. So through an elaborate pick-up plan, she was able to give me her wristband; she had to pick it up (since it was under her name), wiggle out of the wristband, and then I picked up the wristband from her.  I got in without a single snag.  And I was able to get in another friend into the show as well!

So this event was held at Milk Studios in the Meat Packing District.  There were several bands and DJ’s scheduled to play.  When I got there, I realized Interpol was playing in the loading dock on the building –which is street level.  Moveable metal fences were the only things separating the cool people who got in, from the non-cool people who didn’t get in =).  I told my friend, just meet me outside and I’ll give you my wrist band –and TA DA!  Instant access!

Interpol was amazing.  They played 2 new songs and did a full hour set!  It was the first live performance for their new bassist and new keyboardist Brandon Curtis. New bassist Pajo tried to look the part too with the hair and all, but Carlos D. will definitely be missed.

The downside? Since it was an outdoor show, it was fucking hot.  I didn’t even dare go near the stage because I knew it would hot-as-balls over there, so I had to stay back towards the street.  It was great because it was such a small show and the acoustics were quite excellent!

The rest of the Creators Project was amazing.  I checked Gang Gang Dance, and this DJ (whose name I forgot) who did his set using beats from from Gameboys.  There was FREE open bar and free food (though I was too late to partake of the food), and we’re talking good liquor and wine.  M.I.A. was also a surprise guest;  I tried to watch but it was too packed and I was too darn sweaty to try to get through the crowd,  Supposedly, she rocked it, but alas, I could only hear it and not see it.  The art and exhibits was quite cool as well.  I definitely had fun.

Here’s a great article about the event.

Some pics of the installations and art:

Cool night.


project 365 – day 104 to 113: sleepless in seattle

28 June 2010

My family and I flew to Seattle, WA to attend my cousin’s wedding.  It was the kids’ first time in a plane (excluding flights when they were infants).  I almost had a nervous breakdown on the plane, I must say.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.  However, it was a a very stressful flight for me.  Despite the fact that I had my mom, my dad, and my two adult brothers to help me, the kids were still a handful.  They are four and two years old, and they did not behave on the plane.  The flight going there was fraught with tension.  They kept yelling, they were fighting with each other, they were giddy, and they did NOT nap.  Mind you, they have been awake since 6:30 am (eastern time), and we didn’t land in Seattle until 3 pm!  So they were awake the entire time.  Overall, they acted their age.  My son was pretty ok; he drew, he watched some tv, he played with his toys.  My daughter kept yelling “I want to get out!” and was clingy.  I couldn’t even go to the bathroom.  I was just on edge the whole time because I just wanted them to sit and be quiet –which is really not what 4 & 2-year olds do!  I mean, who was I thinking I could read a book and listen to my iPod?  As if!  My main concern was to keep them from annoying other people –but apparently this did not work since the lady in front of my son asked to be moved!  Like she’s never heard 2 kids scream and play before…hahah…

The flight back was much, much better.  They napped for at least a good hour, and they were more prepared and bit more behaved.  I was able to relax a bit and actually watch a movie!  I was able to breathe…*Sigh*

I am seriously scared about the flight to the Philippines this coming December.  They will both be slightly older, so I am hoping they’ll be less giddy.  But let’s face it, it is an extremely long flight.  I can barely stand it myself, let alone travel with these 2 kiddos!  I just have to think of the big picture and the fun we will have once we land there, right??! 

But on to the good stuff… Seattle was pretty as usual.  The only time it rained was the day of my cousin’s wedding (which was, of course, an outdoor wedding). 

the bride & groom

Nonetheless, we all had a great time.  The wedding was held at The Orting Manor – such a lovely, rustic place.  It was really too bad that it poured; otherwise we would have explored it more!  I know the kids had fun; Lil C was the flowergirl but she already got mud all over her shoes (not to mention my clothes!) before the ceremony even started!  She also would not pose AT ALL with the wedding party.  So I’m not even sure she’s in any pictures! 

Lil C getting ready to run amuck in the rain...

Our family and the beautiful bride's family

It was a reunion for most of us cousins and we all went to for beers and made our own “after-party.”  The funny thing was that we got lost for a good 20 minutes looking for this bar that was next to our hotel all along!  But let me just say, this bar was tucked in the middle of a trucking yard!  We also sent in my cousin and my brother to check out the bar before the rest of us would get out of the van!

We also did a day trip to Vancouver.  Vancouver was beautiful.  It was super-clean and the people were all nice.  We drove around, saw Stanley Park, drove by Chinatown, and then explored Capilano Bridge & Nature Park

Capilano Bridge - Park entrance

 You have to check out this bridge if you’re ever inVancouver.  It’s awesome!  The views are breathtaking and walking across the bridge is an adventure.  The kids totally loved it.  They got to run around, explore tree houses, and play in a beautiful nature preserve.  If you’re a fan of Twilight and all that jazz, I think you’d get a kick out of the trees and the scenery.

A view of Capilano Bridge

On the way back, we stopped by a McDonalds and let me just say, I was impressed.  I would have never thought I’d be impressed by a McDonalds, but I was!  It was almost spa-like in its design!  I guess I’m used to my busted-ass McDonald’s right here by my work. 

At the very end of our trip, we stayed at the Sheraton in the heart of downtown Seattle.  I pretty much stayed in since it was drizzling the whole day, the kids didn’t have strollers, and it was hard to do any sightseeing.  My mom went and did a whole tour though.  I did manage to visit Pike Place for a bit.  By then, my camera was dead, so I could only take pics with my phone.  I couldn’t leave Seattle without visiting the Starbucks mothership, of course!   The Starbucks prices in Seattle was definitely much, much cheaper than over here in the East Coast, or even in California!  What a great incentive for me to move there!  Even my parents are contemplating retiring there as they really liked it.  We’ll see.   I also love the food there. Perfect for a foodie like me.

My aunt also runs a daycare in Seattle –she keeps insisting I ship the kids over for the summer each year!  I’m all for it! Hahahha….well, I can probably part with them for 2 weeks, not 2 months!  But the hubs has yet to say yes….

But I will definitely visit Seattle again.


project 365 – day 103: if it doesn’t fit…

16 June 2010

You must acquit!

Okay, this is not a post about O.J. Simpson, or the law for that matter.

Right now, I’m in the midst of packing for a trip to Seattle.  The kids and I (together with my immediate family, sans the hubs) are flying out to Seattle tomorrow for a wedding.  This will be their first flight! (Not counting their plane trips when they were wee infants).

So I’m scrambling to get stuff together.  I don’t even know what to wear to my cousin’s outdoor wedding.  The one dress I really wanted to wear no longer fits me!  And of course, I just found out that fact about 30 minutes ago.

I really like this dress.  It’s from J.Crew and I bought it a looong time ago.  It’s also a size Petite 2 which should’ve really tipped me off.  The funny thing was, the last time I wore it was for a wedding that occurred a few months after I gave birth to Rockstar Boy!  If it fit me then, why couldn’t it fit me now?!  And to top it all off, I even wore one of those girdle/Spanx things to suck in the gut.  I was able to zip it up after a lot of finagling (did I spell that right?).  End result?

I. Could. Not. Breathe. At all.

So I guess I have to give up that dress!

I’m going with my 2nd and 3rd choice dresses…sheesh….


project 365 – day 101: you’re so vain…

14 June 2010

You’re so vain…you probably think this song is about you…

I saw pictures of myself from this picnic I went to this past Saturday.  I didn’t find a single flattering photo of me in the bunch.  *Sigh*  Well I’ve never been photogenic, that much is true, but I do find a photo that I like here and there .  But not from this past weekend….

I just look old and busted.  Tired.  Sallow eyes.  And this is with make-up!  Ugh…my youth and beauty (however little I did have it) are slowly fading away…

And let’s not even get started on my gut.  I’m thisclose to getting a consult for lipo or a tummy tuck.  My gut is just hanging out there and I am sick of it.  I do work out.  I go to the gym anywhere from once to 3x a week (well, 3x is maybe pushing it, but I do get physical activity).  I just can’t control the pooch and it sickens me.

And what really bothers me the most is that I weigh a whopping 112 pounds.   Which is not a lot! That’s less than I weighed pre-kids!  But I don’t look like I weigh that.  Apparently, I am made up of about 27% body fat which is exactly the crap hanging out over my jeans and popping out of my shirts.   I need to develop muscle tone, but I reallly, really want to get a tummy tuck.  The lack of money and the fact that I might die and never see my kids again are the only two things stopping me (in that order).  Then again, I figure millions undergo plastic surgery each year…

Eh.  This is all wishful thinking.  If it weren’t for the gut, I’d be perfectly fine with myself.  Heck, I can live with the bad pictures.  I can always put on more make-up, and I know I look loads better in person.

It’s just the fucking gut!!!


project 365 – day 97/98: why can’t i be you?

11 June 2010

I’m still sticking to the book theme here. 

Last night, I read this really engrossing, haunting book entitled The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox.  It’s a little convoluted at first, but I ended up reading it in less than 3 hours.  On a work night.  I started after the kids were asleep and stayed up until 11:35 pm to finish.  I kept thinking about the characters as I tried to fall asleep.  It’s just one of those books where the characters resonate and you can’t help but think about their lives long after the novel has finished…yes, even though they are entirely fictional characters. 

I’ve read a lot of books like that. 

In contrast, I’ve also read a lot of books where I’m baffled as to how popular they are, and baffled as to how this person even got published!

I’ve mentioned (on numerous occassions, yes I know!) my dream of being a published author one day.  It was always a goal.  Something to do before I turned 21, then 25, then 28, then 30, and so on.  Well I’m about to turn 34 and I’m not getting any younger.  I’m just as good as some published authors out there.  Heck, I’ve even better than a lot of published authors out there.

Writing is really only 10% talent, and 90% dedication and commitment (I read that somewhere…).  I know I’m a great writer (maybe not in this blog, but I’ve written my fair share of awesome work =), and I can do it.  My only problem is that I’m LAZY.  I’m a dreamer.  I dream of things and have all these lofty goals but I don’t actually do anything about it.  My problem is that I also have about a million and one hobbies –reading, writing, writing songs, playing in a band, etc…  (and that’s on top of being a working mother with 2 little kids).

I can’t concentrate.

But I owe it to myself to at least start a concrete outline of the novel that’s always been in my head. 

So what I’m going to do is start posting what I have –whether it be snippets, a whole chapter, or what have you. 

It’s time.


project 365 – day 96: one FINE day

9 June 2010

Funny.  I just wrote about how much I love the library yesterday.

Today, I found out my card was blocked!!  Apparently, I had some outstanding fines and now have to pay $10!

Ugh.  That is enough to buy a new book!

Sheesh.  My fault. 

Well, I still love the library.


project 365 – day 95: my life in bullet points

8 June 2010

I realize I’ve missed posting on several occassions.  I chalk it up to pure laziness.  I also chalk it up to “who cares?” 

Well, for those of you who still care to see what I am up to, here’s an update of my life –in bullet points, nonetheless.

  • We have not started any work on our home renovation project.  We have finalized a design, but alas, we need a variance.  This means we have to apply to the local board for approval before any construction can begin (assuming they let us do it).  So no approval = no renovation.  Wish us luck.
  • I am going to make a photo book for the kids.  A “first year” book for Rockstar Boy, and a “first year” book for Lil C.  It’s about time.  So I am going to try to update all the photos I have, and centralize them into one account under Shutterfly.  Bye bye Snapfish.  Bye bye Flickr.
  • I am excited about our upcoming trip to Seattle!  It’ll be the kiddos’ first plane ride (at an age where they are actually aware of being in a plane).  I am not excited about disrupting their schedules… we’ll see.
  • I am excited about our picnic in Central Park this Saturday.  It should be awesome!
  • I think I have found a bassist for my band.  I may meet him later this week. 
  • I am excited about Prague!  I can’t wait!
  • We’ve been looking at kitchen designs… I can almost taste my new kitchen….*drool*
  • My credit card balances are getting lower….yay!
  • I read 6 really good & entertaining books the past 3 weeks.  I highly recommend reading: The Solitude of Prime Numbers, Bone Worship, Case Histories, The Piano Teacher, The Spellmans Strike Again (Book 4 of the series), and Dead in the Family (Book 10 of the Sookie Stackhouse series).   I read A LOT.  And I heart my library because I can pretty much request any book I want!  It is a fabulous way to save money (and bookshelf space!)
  • So I have hired a trainer.  I am completely unfit and lost all tone in my muscles.  My trainer (who used to train me years ago pre-kids) is aghast at my complete lack of muscle tone.  I may weigh less than I’ve weighed before, but I have zero strength and stamina.  It’s really hard to get back in shape.
  • I am already thinking of things to do for my birthday this coming July.  I will be 34.  Thirty. Four.  I think all I want is a nice meal at Aquagrill or Nobu.  The hubs is already nixing it because of $.  So probably no date night with him! After all, we already did go out for our anniversary meal just this past weekend.  LOL.  I also wouldn’t mind trying out a new restaurant….
  • That about covers anything remotely interesting…