project 365 – day 101: you’re so vain…

14 June 2010

You’re so vain…you probably think this song is about you…

I saw pictures of myself from this picnic I went to this past Saturday.  I didn’t find a single flattering photo of me in the bunch.  *Sigh*  Well I’ve never been photogenic, that much is true, but I do find a photo that I like here and there .  But not from this past weekend….

I just look old and busted.  Tired.  Sallow eyes.  And this is with make-up!  Ugh…my youth and beauty (however little I did have it) are slowly fading away…

And let’s not even get started on my gut.  I’m thisclose to getting a consult for lipo or a tummy tuck.  My gut is just hanging out there and I am sick of it.  I do work out.  I go to the gym anywhere from once to 3x a week (well, 3x is maybe pushing it, but I do get physical activity).  I just can’t control the pooch and it sickens me.

And what really bothers me the most is that I weigh a whopping 112 pounds.   Which is not a lot! That’s less than I weighed pre-kids!  But I don’t look like I weigh that.  Apparently, I am made up of about 27% body fat which is exactly the crap hanging out over my jeans and popping out of my shirts.   I need to develop muscle tone, but I reallly, really want to get a tummy tuck.  The lack of money and the fact that I might die and never see my kids again are the only two things stopping me (in that order).  Then again, I figure millions undergo plastic surgery each year…

Eh.  This is all wishful thinking.  If it weren’t for the gut, I’d be perfectly fine with myself.  Heck, I can live with the bad pictures.  I can always put on more make-up, and I know I look loads better in person.

It’s just the fucking gut!!!



  1. But i thought you got a consult and they said your stomach holds a lot of air and expands a lot or something? And that tummy tucks wouldn’t help?

    Anyway, get yourself to a spa and have a beauty day to make yourself feel better. It’s cheaper! LOL

    • Tin: that’s what the gastroenterologist said (about how a tummy tuck probably won’t help)…but I still haven’t gone to a consult with a plastic surgeon =)…

      I’ll be booking a facial in the near future! Thanks for the tip!

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