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project 365 – day 130 to 133: check out etsy

15 July 2010

I heart Etsy.  If you haven’t seen what Etsy has to offer, you are missing out.

Esty offers such cool, unique, handmade, and vintage stuff.  So far, I’ve only bought a couple of shirts from etsy, but they have everything from jewelry to handmade clothes, to personalized stationary, iPod/mac cases, purses, artwork, etc.  You name it and they will probably have it or can make it for you! 

disc necklace & photo by missashleylu

I am buying some jewerly at some point from Lu’s Boutique.  The jewelry here is just exquisite, simple, and elegant.  S0me of it is definitely my style.  I am currently lusting after this disc necklace seen here on the left.  I think it’s so pretty.  But all her other pieces are pretty darn spectacular as well!  Like her wishbone necklace and sterling spikes necklace.

I also like checking out children’s wear on Etsy.  This shop has a cute cupcake dress that I want to get for Lil C.  I know she’ll love it because she loves cupcakes and dresses.  Maybe next payday?

dress & photo by Sew Posh Baby


project 365 – day 123 to 129: 34 years

11 July 2010

I can’t help but think, “when did I get so old?”

I feel old because I still haven’t done many of the things I want to accomplish in life.

I feel old because I still have issues I’m dealing with that I can’t seem to let go.

I feel old because I regret not doing some things in life.

I feel old because I regret doing some things in life.

I feel old because I’m one year closer to 35.  And that means I will soon be 40.

I feel old because I am starting to ‘lose’  loved ones.

I feel old because my children are growing up.

I feel old because I now talk about “adult” things like mortgages, property taxes, variances, renovations, etc.

I feel old because I need to take two Tylenols in the morning if I’ve had more than 2 drinks the night before.

I feel old because I can’t go back to being 21 again.

Ah…I may complain and all but I do know I have a great life that many people envy.  I am appreciative of everything that I have.  I question choices that I have made in life, but it’s gotten me where I am today.  As cliche as it sounds, life really is about the journey.  It’s about continuous growth.

I’m still growing, I’m still learning, I’m still in the game.


project 365 – day 119 to 122: summer jams

2 July 2010

Last night was the first ‘practice’ session I had with my new band.  We were almost complete.  The only person missing was my new bassist.  Funny story I have about this bassist… So I put an ad out on Craigslist looking for a bassist.  Here’s my ad here, actually.  This guy responds; let’s call him “D.”  So D and I exchange several emails.  We had lots in common –including the fact that we had stable jobs, and that we both were married, have 2 kids, the mortgage, etc.

So we try to set up times to meet.  Then lo and behold, I meet him purely by accident while at work.  He came up to me asking “are you Kat?  Do you like music?”  In my head, I was already on guard, thinking “Okaaay…? Am I being punked?”  Turns out, he was the same dude I’ve been emailing!    Such a small world.  So not only do we have similar backgrounds, we also work in the same field!

I have yet to hear him play, but he’s already in the band.

Speaking of bands and music, I’d like to leave you with some cool summer jams that I think should be on your playlist this summer.  It’s an ecclectic mix, but I think you’ll enjoy it!

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