project 365 – day 130 to 133: check out etsy

15 July 2010

I heart Etsy.  If you haven’t seen what Etsy has to offer, you are missing out.

Esty offers such cool, unique, handmade, and vintage stuff.  So far, I’ve only bought a couple of shirts from etsy, but they have everything from jewelry to handmade clothes, to personalized stationary, iPod/mac cases, purses, artwork, etc.  You name it and they will probably have it or can make it for you! 

disc necklace & photo by missashleylu

I am buying some jewerly at some point from Lu’s Boutique.  The jewelry here is just exquisite, simple, and elegant.  S0me of it is definitely my style.  I am currently lusting after this disc necklace seen here on the left.  I think it’s so pretty.  But all her other pieces are pretty darn spectacular as well!  Like her wishbone necklace and sterling spikes necklace.

I also like checking out children’s wear on Etsy.  This shop has a cute cupcake dress that I want to get for Lil C.  I know she’ll love it because she loves cupcakes and dresses.  Maybe next payday?

dress & photo by Sew Posh Baby


One comment

  1. yup, i’ve been to this site many times browsing for baby stuff. the cupcake dress is so adorable!

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