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project 365 – day 24: my 2-year old

15 February 2010

My petite bean is 2 years old.  I have so many nicknames for her.  My bean.  Jelly-bean (her kuya is string bean :), Silky Bean, Bettina, ‘Petites,’ Tubster, Pumpkin, Porkchop, Potato, Potato-bean, Callie…and the list goes on.

Since it’s her birthday, I’m going all out and gush about her!

She’s brilliant.  Her vocabulary is amazing.  She can says things like “Mommy, you gorgeous.” Conversely,  she can also say “You ugly!  I’m mad at you!”  When she was younger (at about 14 months or so), I was actually concerned that she didn’t seem to be talking as much as her older brother was at that age.  Once she hit 16 months though, her skills just exploded.  Now, you can pretty much carry on a conversation with her (provided she has time to get to know you; she’s quiet the first few times she meets you).

She can sing along to many songs.  Including ones by Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga, and Phoenix.  What can I say, she’s an artist in the making.  I’ve tried many-a-times to record her, but alas… one day though, I’ll catch her unawares!

She’s feisty.  Independent.  She likes picking out her own clothes and attempts to dress herself.  She can be such a girly-girl.  She’ll pick up a basket, tuck in her arm, put on hat and say “I go shopping!”  What are you going to buy?  “Coffee!” (She’s picked up a nasty Starbucks habit courtesy of mom).  But she’s also a rough-and-tumble kind of girl –she does have an older brother she looks up to!  I’m making steps into potty-training her and she refuses to sit down on the toilet.  Instead, she insists on standing up to pee like her kuya!  Dolls don’t hold her interest for very long; she loves putting things together, playing with trucks, reading books, and watching the same shows her big brother watches.  They are adorable together.

She’s also quite a foodie.  She loves to try new foods, and will insist on feeding herself.  But she will yell at you for a napkin if something gets on her face or clothes!

Never get between her and a cupcake –she will flat out ignore you!

I’m so happy she’s growing up nicely and hitting all her milestones.  As long as she’s healthy and happy, what more can I ask for?

Happy, happy birthday my baby girl!


project 365 – day 19: not a daddy’s girl, not anyone’s girl!

4 February 2010

The Lil Chick (aka Lil C) is so not a daddy’s girl.  At least not yet.  I thought all daughters were daddy’s little girls, no?  My baby girl just started to like the hubs.  Prior to this month, she had a love/hate relationship with him and we have no idea why.  (Well, I secretly think it’s because I breastfed her too long and he didn’t get to feed her during her first 6 months of life, but that’s just me…)

Nowadays, she actually cuddles up to him (and not just because he has something she wants –like a cookie or something).  Now, she actually lets him kiss her and hug her without bargaining, lol!  I’m hoping this will blossom into a nice, close, father-daughter relationship.  Maybe he can finally handle her. 

Lil C (who will be 2 years old on Feb 15th) is certainly a handful.  She’s sweet and all that.  Like the other day, she gave me a bunch of kisses and said “Mommy, gorgeous!”  BUT, she’s also a terrible diva who has started to yell (a lot!) and throw tantrums.  She’s such a precocious little girl who knows exactly what she wants.  She will yell “I DON’T WANT IT!” if I put something in front of her that she doesn’t like.  For example, I’ll give her chicken fingers for dinner.  She will yell “I DON’T WANT IT!”  What do you want then?  She’ll yell “RICE!!!” at the top of her lungs.  GAH!!

She’s also picky with her clothes.  “WANT DOGGIE SHIRT!!!” or “WANT BLUE SHOES” (even though she means her brown boots).

She’s also picky with the books I read at night.  “WANT ROBOTS!!” (meaning this counting book with robots) or “NO!! I WANT MONSTERS!” (meaning “Where the Wild Things Are”)

If she’s like this at almost-2, then help me when she reaches her pre-teens…


project 365 – day 6: kid songs

12 January 2010

My kids amuse me to no end.  And I am especially amused (and thrilled) that they’re developing their musical tastes at such an early age.  This is, of course, with my help and er..influence (after all, I do control the radio and CD player).  I always put on music when I drive, and I love when start bopping their head to the beat.  For the past 6 months though, they’ve been giving me their 2-cents on the music I play.

If I put on a punk album or a  Jay-Z CD, Lil C will pipe up:

Lil C: No like it! No!  Want “Best Friend!”  “Best Friend!”

Translation:  She wants Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down” (the song starts off with: I’m, taking a ride with my best friend).  She can totally sing along too.  I always try to record her, but of course, kids stop their tricks once the camera is on!

My rockstar boy will have his special request, but he knows song titles and bands, so I know exactly what he wants.

Rockstar boy: I want “Boys Don’t Cry”.  (Aside: he knows who Robert Smith is, and knows who mom’s favorite band is). 

So I play it.  Afterwards, I try to get them used to new music.  In reality, it’s like I’m asking them for permission to play my music in my car!

Me: Okay guys, this is a new CD.  It’s a band called Phoenix.

Rockstar boy: What’s this song called?

Me: Lisztomania.

Rockstar boy: I like it!  Play it again!

After the song…

Me: Did you like it?

Rockstar boy: Yes!  I like it!

Lil C: No! Paparazzi!

Translation: She wants Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi.

Rockstar boy: Me too! I want Paparazzi!

Both kids start singing along.  I do too.

*Sigh*  Pretty soon, I’ll be taking Rockstar Boy (no longer a baby) to shows with me!  I think I’ll wait until he’s at least 7 –which is just 3 years from now since he’ll be 4 in February!  Ye.Gods.  Four years old.  When did that happen?!


all work and no play makes this a dull blog

28 May 2009

Dear blog,

Hi?  How are you?!  It’s a been a while, I know.  I’m sorry I’ve neglected you, but work’s been super busy, and at night, I have no energy to type or think!  Sometimes, I feel like I’m a hamster in a wheel, you know?  Just going through the cycle and getting off periodically to eat, sleep, work, and hang out with the kids.  But such is life!  I really have no complaints (other than tales of financial woes which will probably just bore you to tears).

On the work-front, I’m still where I am, but got re-assigned to a new team in late February, hence the busy-ness.  I had to take over another colleague’s files and do catch up work along with new work.  I normally don’t write about work, but I’ll make this an exception.  I had this long, involved robbery trial in which I LOST.  It’s a blow to the ego especially since a) this is my first “not guilty” jury verdict (which makes it more hurtful for some reason); b) the defense attorney was an asshole with zero personality; c) the odds were on my favor; and d) I just really expected a win!   I know we can’t win everything all the time, but I’m still smarting several weeks later! Gah!

To top it all off, a few minutes after I got this verdict, we all got notices of a temporary layoff!  Granted, it’s in the form of a furlough day (forced UNPAID leave of absence), but still.  That’s one day I’m not getting paid for on top of the fact that we are not getting raises, and we are now forced to take a pay cut to offset our healthcare benefits.  Bottom line: at least I still have a stable job in this economy, right?

On the kids and family-front: The hubs and kids are all good and thriving.  The hubs and I are celebrating our 8-year wedding anniversary on June 1. We don’t know what we’re doing yet (probably staying in since that actual day is a Monday); I’m pushing for a dinner somewhere but it’s really hard to just go out for a meal sans kids because we have to arrange for childcare.  But I really don’t mind ordering in and just hanging out.  I am, however, hoping to get flowers which I know is rather frou-frou, but once in a while, a girl’s gotta get flowers, right?

And the kids are doing great!  Rockstar boy is in the process of being toilet-trained.  I actually buckled down and did it last weekend and by the grace of God, he got it in just 3 days!  Now his favorite past time is peeing, I swear.  I still use ‘Pull-ups’ training pants on him, but he may be ready to take them off.  Even in the morning, his training pants are dry and the first thing he says now is “I gotta go pee!”  He’s such a precocious boy.  At three (and 4 months), he’s a very keen observer, he recognizes several letters, can count really well, forms articulate sentences, and has a strict fashion sense.  It’s really hard to get him to go to school (i.e., daycare) in the morning sometimes because he tells me: “Get out of my room mom!  I’m tired! I don’t want to talk to you yet!”  followed by minutes of battling over which clothes to wear: “I don’t want to wear that shirt!  I want my green shirt with the buttons on it!” or “I want to wear my Chucks!” (he means, his Chuck Taylors). He definitely has a strong sense of “self” and what he wants.  He’s sweet and sour at times, but in general, he’s a good kid.  The only thing I can’t stand about him right now is that it takes me HOURS to feed him.  He can feed himself, but chooses not to (he’s really just not into eating).  He has this uncanny ability to keep food in his mouth without chewing or swallowing.  I swear he can go on a full day without eating if he can get away with it!  Thus, mealtime is always a battle with him!

My Lil C, on the other hand, eats just like me (and my friends say I eat like a trucker!).  In fact, she’ll come up to you and beg you for your food even after she’s done with her meal.  The other day, she swiped her kuya’s sausages for breakfast and ate them all AFTER eating her own sausages!  At 15 and a half months, Lil C is also a precocious little chica.  She knows what her name is and says it; she can also say a variety of words like “mama,” “bubbles”, “more” (her favorite word along with “baby”), “cracker”, “kuya” (which comes out as “kaka;” it means “older brother” in Tagalog), “woof-woof” (when you ask her what a dog says), and “kack-kack” (when you ask her what a duck says).  She loves to dance (sometimes on cue), loves to eat like her momma, and loves giving people kisses.  She can be such a needy little diva though, and always wants to be held by mom –NOT dad.  I think she and dad have a love-hate relationship at this point.  It’s funny, if he touches her, she pushes his hand away UNLESS he has something she wants!

We’re taking the kids on a road trip to Myrtle Beach, SC this July and we’re crossing our fingers that it’ll all go well! It’s going to be a 12+ hour drive down there with stops and all!  I am also hoping to take the hubs to Mexico for his 35th birthday this November.  We just don’t know if we’re ready to leave the kids for 4 days or IF my parents are willing to take them for 4 days! We’ll see!  I feel I haven’t travelled in ages and everyone around me is travelling!  I am cursing myself for not travelling more pre-kids!

Lastly, I’ve been trying to get myself motivated to start working out.  My mom-pooch is really getting out of control –to the point that people have asked when I am due!! Grrr!! You’d think this would be a wake-up call to go to the gym, but I’m still in denial.  My main goal is to get more toned and not necessarily lose weight.  I’m a size 4 and about 112-115 lbs on a given day which is still in the normal range for a five-foot chick like me.  I accept that I can never be truly skinny.  I know I am not fat, but I am certainly flabby (which I keep repeating dear blog, I know!)  I’d love to be able to fit into this cute size 2 dress I used to wear but can no longer zip-up past my waist!  But still, it’s really hard to get my ass off the couch once the kids are asleep.  I realize though, that I will always have an excuse not to exercise, I just need to just suck it up and do it before I have to put on that bathing suit!!

All in all, that is my update!  I hope all is well with you blog and that you haven’t been too lonely.  Don’t be jealous of Facebook which I update a bit more –but that’s only because I can do it in a jiff!  You know my heart still belongs to you dear blog!

XOXO -kat



p.s. here’s a recent pics of the kiddos!


happy 2009!

2 January 2009

Happy New Year peeps! It’s been a while (yes, even though I said I’d start posting regularly again)! I know you readers miss me (yes, all 3 of you) and I totally miss writing on a regular basis.

Why the sporadic posting? Well first of all, taking care of 2 kids is much more different than taking care of just 1 kid –lots of my time and energy goes to them and by the time they’re down for the night, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer and think of something witty to say. Secondly, I just lost the passion to write on a regular basis. I do write for myself, but I also like feedback. So no feedback = no encouragement. But I’m over it. My new motto is: if you type it, they will come, right?! LOL.

The third reason I haven’t written is that I was trying to make changes in my life that just didn’t happen. Again, a lot of my time and energy was sapped trying to make the change happen and it took a while. The change hasn’t happened yet, but now I think it’s a good thing. Or rather, now I’m embracing what I do have and learning to live with it. Cryptic, huh? I think most of you can try to figure out what “change” I was trying to make (and if not, I’d be happy to tell you via email).

But that’s that for my absence.

2008 was a great year for me. We were blessed with Lil C (born 2.15.08) and I have totally forgotten what life was like without her. She’s almost a year old; it’s hard to recall the first tough months trying to care for both kids at the same time (maybe because I blocked it out of my mind). Now, we have our schedule down pat and Kuya Rockstar is equally enthralled and enraged by her (he’s still jealous, but you can tell he loves her to pieces). It’s so much fun watching them play together and I can’t wait until she’s older and starts talking back to him.

Rockstar baby is not a baby anymore. So I’m thinking I should retire that term. He’ll be 3 in February but he’s already acting like a precocious pre-teen. I mean, he tells me to leave him alone and everything! He’s such a smart kid, but we’re so behind on the toilet-training! Each day is different. Some days, he’s ok with it, and most days, he’s not!

Me: Okay, it’s time to do pee-pee on the potty today. So you tell me when you’re ready and we can go to the bathroom because you’re a big kid now.
Him: I’m not ready yet.
Me: Okay you can go later.
Him: No, I want you to change me on the table. I’m still a baby.

Crazy antics.

Everyone in the family is in good health, we have good jobs and a cozy home to call our own, and despite the economic downturn, we’re all good. We have good friends who support us, care about us and the kids, and the hubs and I still have that spark going.

I can’t really complain, although the hubs will tell you that I do! But he knows my only real complaint is that we can’t afford to renovate our home yet. So we’re back to the year 2010 as the year to do our big home renovation. I guess I can wait.

This year, I’m trying to be more positive and be the best version of myself that I can be. My new year’s resolutions are:

1. Save money. Write down everything I spend money on. Spend wisely.
2. Eliminate debt slowly but surely.
3. Be more organized.
4. Go through the mail each night and don’t let the junk mail pile up.
5. Clean the house as much as possible each night.
6. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.
7. Let go of friends/people who have become acquaintances. It’s not my responsibility to always initiate contact.
8. Go to sleep earlier.
9. Wake up earlier so that I’ll have time for myself in the morning to actually make coffee and eat breakfast.
10. Make my own coffee in the morning.
11. Go to the gym at some point. Even if it’s just once a week.
12. Do my stupid HipHop Abs DVD at least once a week!
13. Toilet train rockstar boy.
14. Be nicer to my parents.
15. Stop yelling at the kids.
16. Stop comparing myself to others.
17. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
18. Be happy.


8 things about me

29 September 2008

Aiza tagged me a little while ago, but instead of doing the meme she sent, I did one of her old ones.  So here’s 8 dazzling new things about me!  Can you feel the excitement? Hee-Hee.

THE RULES – List of 8

  • write 8 facts about yourself.
  • in the 8 facts, you share 8 things that your readers don?t know about you. at the end, you tag as much other bloggers to keep the fun going. each blogger must post these rules first.
  • each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • at the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose as much people to get tagged and list their names.
  • don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here’s my crazy 8:

1.  My new favorite reading obsession is Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.  It’s trashy and cheesy yet, fun, fast-paced, and cool.  It’s based on the reality where vampirism is legal, the dead can be reanimated, and you need a warrant of execution before you can kill vampires.  Anita is an awesome character –she’s petite (5’3), but can pack a punch.  She raises the dead for a living, kills vampires, but dates one (as well as a werewolf).  Awesome.

2. I heart zombie flicks.  I actually haven’t seen a lot, but my favorites include the Resident Evil franchise (and all it’s cheesiness), Shaun of the Dead, and Dawn of the Dead.

3.  When I was little, I wanted to be a mermaid.  Since I can’t be one, I have a tattoo of one.

4.  I would love to breakdance.  Alas, the only thing I can do is pop-lock –and the hubs wouldn’t even classify what I do as pop-locking.

5.  I secretly think that I can sing, but I will never sing my heart out like I do when I’m alone in my car or in the shower.  Not even when I was in my band and actually singing (yes, I was still reserved).

6.  I thought of writing a screenplay for The Virgin Suicides when I first read it in high school.  I had about 6 pages and didn’t follow through.  Sofia Coppola did hers 6 years later.

7.  I consider myself a foodie.  I haven’t been able to actually dine out like I used to, but I’m planning to once the kids are older.  But I like anything from your local turo-turo, hole-in-the-wall, to a delicious chef-tasting course at Daniel.

8.  Unless I super-duper, absolutely have to, I cannot take a dump in a public restroom.  Period.  I’m anal like that.  Ha ha!! Get it?

I’m not going to officially tag anyone since everyone is busy.  But if you want to do it, be sure to let me know so I can read your crazy 8!  Okay, now I leave you with this uber-cute photo of baby girl who is officially crawling and getting into everyone’s business.

look what i can do!

look what i can do!


the halfway point

26 August 2008

Every once in a while, I think of closing shop and quitting this whole blogging thing.  For one thing, it takes time to maintain.  Secondly, I feel like no one really reads it, so I feel like “why bother?”  Then I realize the reason why I do this… and it’s because I want to write.  Yes I care about getting comments just to see who’s out there, but I care more about the fact that I get to write.  It’s the only thing that allows me to exercise my writing skills –or lack thereof.  This blog is pretty much my journal, though I’m far from pouring my heart out.  It’s still censored, and most of the time, I really don’t get to write what I actually feel.  But I still get to write, which is a start, right?

While I’ve been on leave, I’ve been trying to get writing gigs out there and trying to get paid for it.  I’m still doing reviews for some online mags like Sentimentalist, but I’m trying to supplement my income with it.  Problem is, I don’t have a lot of time especially with the two kids.  I also don’t have a lot of samples to send out, but we’ll see.  I’m also trying to work out a “writing schedule” where I force myself to sit down for at least 2 hours and work on my novel.  Unfortunately, I can’t work that out until I start working and see how it goes from there.  But hey, J.K. Rowling did it, and so can I!  I may not come out with the next HP, but I want to at least end up with a manuscript!  One of these days, I’ll write about ‘why I want to publish’ a book and I think you’ll see why I’m so obsessed with it.   In a nutshell, it’s because I love to read so much.  So when I was young, I vowed to publish a book just like the ones I love.  Corny, but it’s true.

While I’ve been on break, things have certainly been happening. The big thing is that my kids are really growing up!

  • Rockstar baby and Li’l C are 2 and half years old, and 6 months old (respectively)!  So they are both half-way to being 3 and 1!  Crazy how times flies…

Rockstar baby and Lil C

  • I appreciate staying home with the kids because you can really focus on their well-being.  You also get to know them more, especially their personalities!
  • Rockstar baby is very verbal and communicative.  You can pretty much carry on a conversation with him, so he’s been my pal while I’m on break.  When his little sister cries a lot, you can definitely hear him say “Enough!” or “Silence!” to her.  LOL.  And just this morning, he woke up saying, “I don’t have energy, momma.”  Crazy kid.  He loves playing his guitar still and loves The Wiggles.

  • Li’l C has been very high-maintenance and testing my patience.  At about 5 months or so, she stopped sleeping through the night and wakes up once-to-three times during the night!  She also never naps longer than 1 hour so it’s hard to manage her.  She wants your constant attention.  No one can make her laugh like her big bro, though!
  • She started school this week in preparation for when I go back to work and so far, she’s doing fine.  I finally got her to drink formula just a month ago, and so she’s starting to get off the boob.  She’s very mobile and can practically crawl.  She can also sit up and maintain it for a few minutes sans help.  She’s also a very good eater.  I just hope she starts sleeping soundly soon!
Lil C at 6 months old

Lil C at 6 months old

I go back to work next week, and I’m half looking forward to it, and half not!  I’m definitely going to miss being with the kids, but I’m not going to miss the monotony of being a stay-at-home mom.  (Of course once I go back to work, I’m sure I’ll whine about wanting to be home).  I did enjoy my time off though.  I get to go to the library 2x a week, read a book a day, watch tons of TV (once the kids are asleep), and bum around with the kids.  I probably read about 4 novels a week (the library rocks!), and discovered some seriously good TV.  Folks, please watch Z Rock and Skins –you won’t regret it!

Oh so much to do, so little time.  More later! (and I do apologize for this lackluster post; I swear I’ll start writing better next time).