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project 365 – day 119 to 122: summer jams

2 July 2010

Last night was the first ‘practice’ session I had with my new band.  We were almost complete.  The only person missing was my new bassist.  Funny story I have about this bassist… So I put an ad out on Craigslist looking for a bassist.  Here’s my ad here, actually.  This guy responds; let’s call him “D.”  So D and I exchange several emails.  We had lots in common –including the fact that we had stable jobs, and that we both were married, have 2 kids, the mortgage, etc.

So we try to set up times to meet.  Then lo and behold, I meet him purely by accident while at work.  He came up to me asking “are you Kat?  Do you like music?”  In my head, I was already on guard, thinking “Okaaay…? Am I being punked?”  Turns out, he was the same dude I’ve been emailing!    Such a small world.  So not only do we have similar backgrounds, we also work in the same field!

I have yet to hear him play, but he’s already in the band.

Speaking of bands and music, I’d like to leave you with some cool summer jams that I think should be on your playlist this summer.  It’s an ecclectic mix, but I think you’ll enjoy it!

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project 365 – day 118?: the creator’s project (or how I saw Interpol for free)

28 June 2010

Once in a while, I still get to do cool things!  Like getting into a free show-art exhibit-launch party for free!  This past Saturday, I attended the Creators Project Launch Party in NYC.  Earlier in the month, I entered a lottery where lucky winners get to attend this event.  I did not get a ticket.  I was really disappointed because I wanted to see Interpol, one of my favorite bands.  But!  I got a hook-up from my uber-cool cousin Jessica (who is a music journalist!); she won a spot, but couldn’t go. So through an elaborate pick-up plan, she was able to give me her wristband; she had to pick it up (since it was under her name), wiggle out of the wristband, and then I picked up the wristband from her.  I got in without a single snag.  And I was able to get in another friend into the show as well!

So this event was held at Milk Studios in the Meat Packing District.  There were several bands and DJ’s scheduled to play.  When I got there, I realized Interpol was playing in the loading dock on the building –which is street level.  Moveable metal fences were the only things separating the cool people who got in, from the non-cool people who didn’t get in =).  I told my friend, just meet me outside and I’ll give you my wrist band –and TA DA!  Instant access!

Interpol was amazing.  They played 2 new songs and did a full hour set!  It was the first live performance for their new bassist and new keyboardist Brandon Curtis. New bassist Pajo tried to look the part too with the hair and all, but Carlos D. will definitely be missed.

The downside? Since it was an outdoor show, it was fucking hot.  I didn’t even dare go near the stage because I knew it would hot-as-balls over there, so I had to stay back towards the street.  It was great because it was such a small show and the acoustics were quite excellent!

The rest of the Creators Project was amazing.  I checked Gang Gang Dance, and this DJ (whose name I forgot) who did his set using beats from from Gameboys.  There was FREE open bar and free food (though I was too late to partake of the food), and we’re talking good liquor and wine.  M.I.A. was also a surprise guest;  I tried to watch but it was too packed and I was too darn sweaty to try to get through the crowd,  Supposedly, she rocked it, but alas, I could only hear it and not see it.  The art and exhibits was quite cool as well.  I definitely had fun.

Here’s a great article about the event.

Some pics of the installations and art:

Cool night.


project 365 – day ?: making the band part deux

4 June 2010

My life has been alternating from super busy, to busy, to lazy, to crazy.

Right now, my extra time has been spent on reforming a new band.  Let me just say, it’s hard work.  It’s harder than before because now, it’s my band.  Thus, my vision.  However, I don’t have any recording equipment so I’m at the mercy of my bandmate who has all that stuff.

I have tons of songs in my head.  When a song comes to me, it comes in pieces.  I usually have the melody complete with the bass line, the guitars, etc.  Sometimes, it even comes with lyrics.  Or sometimes, I have the lyrics, but not the melody.  I wish I were more tech-savy and just hop on the Garage Band-wagon.  It would make songwriting so much easier….Alas, I don’t.

Anyway…I’m still trying to find members to complete this outfit.  I am especially in need of a vocalist, ‘cuz lord knows I can’t sing!  And we need a bassist!

My new band is called The Pooles.  It has something to do with The Cure in a nerdy sort of way. If you can guess how, then you really must know The Cure as well as I do!

We don’t have an album, but we got an album cover! My friend Steven drew this for me, and I think it’s awesome!

amazing artwork by Steven Chen

I’m having fun.  But I do wish I had more time to put into it!


project 365 – day 46: my daily stress fest

30 March 2010

Working moms are just waaay too frazzled (in a different way that stay-at-home moms are frazzled).

Before getting to work, there is chaos.  Mad rush to get ready, get the kids ready, argue with the kids, haul them to school, etc.  There is so much yelling going on.

At work, I actually find some peace.  I consider work my me time.  But yes, I am also stressed at work.  There are so many files to work on, so little time.  Then I also bring work home or work on the weekends on occassion.

After work, there is again, chaos.  Pick up kids from school.  6 pm – dinner time battles.  I cook.  Last night, I actually made a delicious flounder francese.  Lil C ate a whole fish fillet; Rockstar boy did not and had pizza instead.  Mad rush to finish.   7:30 pm – Bath time.  Bargaining time.  Story time.  And finally, sleeping time.  The kids are actually asleep by 8:45 pm –which is late for me, but that’s the best I can do.  I then relax.  I leave dishes unwashed most of the time.  But I clean up the living room, dining room, etc.  It sucks. 

I watch a large amount of TV to unwind.

I have not gone to the gym in 2 weeks.

Now add to this is the fact that we are picking a contractor to renovate our home; we meet with people during the week and weekends; we are also going to start to pack up and move out. 

Now add to this is the fact that I am about to start a band again.  I know, what am I thinking?!  Where would I find the time? 

My first meeting with potential bandmates will be this Saturday.  We’ll see!


project 365 – day 39: the one that got away

8 March 2010

As most of you loyal readers know (yes, all 3 of you), I was in a band for a while.  I left right before the birth of Lil C, so my last gig with them around November 2007.  Shortly after I left, our drummer Cil left too.  Plastiq Passion went on to get 2 new members, and continued to rock out.  Cil also formed a new band.

Last Saturday, I went to their album release party at the Bowery Electric (awesome venue right by the now-defunct CBGB’s).   I have not seen them perform since I left, and did not really know what to expect.  (Cil’s band Backlights were the opening act).

I must say, I was blown away by their performance!!  They had awesome energy and presence, and their sound is totally new!  Harder songs, better songs, and even covers! (Jes did not like doing covers before! Grrr).  And what suprised me the most was that they had the place packed!  When I played, some of our gigs were nearly empty or people were there only for other bands and not us).  Not last Saturday!  Standing O, lots of people, and they all came just for them!  I was hoping for a shout-out since they kept the leads I made up for some of the songs they played, hee-hee.

Deborah's Crazy Clear Axe!

Rich Russo gave them an intro (he’s worked with NYC Rock/Alternative station 101.9 RXP) and apparently is having an awesome working relationship with them.  He’s even arranged to have them open up for a major band this June!! Which major band?  I don’t know yet, but it’s in the works!

I am so happy for my friend Jes who’s been the heart of Plastiq Passion for a long time.  She expends a lot of time, energy, and money in this band and I’m glad that she’s finally seeing a lot of results!

I do feel like maybe I should’ve rejoined them at some point like I had meant to?  But at the same time,  the music I come up with is totally different  Eh…it’s the band that got away I guess!

This has inspired me to form my own band.  I am just wondering where to get the time to do it! =)

Plastiq Passion


project 365 – day 12: music for the masses

21 January 2010

I just discovered this site where you can create your own playlist and then share it! (Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  Where have you been?!)

Anyway, take a gander and listen to what I’m listening to today.  I listen to all sorts of music (with a primary focus on rock & indie rock, with hip-hop & pop thrown in), so I think it’s a pretty eclectic mix.


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project 365 – day 10: yes, i went to the gym

18 January 2010

And I almost didn’t get in!  I went this morning and the woman and the front desk said my membership had expired in 2007.  I told her that I renewed it over the phone and paid for it a few months ago.  She then showed me the screen –and said “well it says you haven’t been here since 2007!”  Well we went at it until she finally relented, saying that their offices were closed today for the holidays and that she’s let me use the gym only for today.

And so I did.

I did my cardio for 40 minutes, and then strength-training for another 40 minutes (this included weights, machines, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups).  I ran into my former trainer (who hasn’t trained me since 2005 probably) who said I should sign up.  I reminded her that I couldn’t afford her, especially now that I have kids.  And she “Pshaw!” -ed me. 

Her: You’re a lawyer! Of course you can afford me!

Me: I work for the government, remember?  Remind me to show you my paycheck next time I’m here.  You make more than I do.

Her: Yeah, yeah, whatever.  I don’t believe you!

Okay, this woman has a billing rate of $99 an hour –and that is with a discount!  She has at least 8 clients a day, so she earns like $800 a day!  Lowly me earns that in a week (and that is only sometimes, depending to our paycheck schedule).    Believe me, if I had the money, I’d so go for a trainer to whip me back into shape again.

I also spent the day with my girls Sol and Girlie.  We went to Sol’s house and she cooked us up some lumpia and karekare –awesome comfort food!  We played Wii, ate, ate, and ate, and talked!

Best Monday I’ve had in a while.

p.s.  I did think about posting over the weekend, but decided not to.  But here’s what I did: Saturday night I went to see The Cribs.  The Cribs is one of my new favorite bands.  I especially dig them because Johnny Marr joined them for their latest album and he totally adds even more “awesomeness” to them.  He adds that trademark “Smiths”-like guitar riffs (whether intended or not).   I was pretty close to the stage, but my pics came out crappy.  Some dude’s afro was totally in the way.   Anyway, I had fun at the show even thought I felt like I was one of the oldest people there!