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project 365 – day 118?: the creator’s project (or how I saw Interpol for free)

28 June 2010

Once in a while, I still get to do cool things!  Like getting into a free show-art exhibit-launch party for free!  This past Saturday, I attended the Creators Project Launch Party in NYC.  Earlier in the month, I entered a lottery where lucky winners get to attend this event.  I did not get a ticket.  I was really disappointed because I wanted to see Interpol, one of my favorite bands.  But!  I got a hook-up from my uber-cool cousin Jessica (who is a music journalist!); she won a spot, but couldn’t go. So through an elaborate pick-up plan, she was able to give me her wristband; she had to pick it up (since it was under her name), wiggle out of the wristband, and then I picked up the wristband from her.  I got in without a single snag.  And I was able to get in another friend into the show as well!

So this event was held at Milk Studios in the Meat Packing District.  There were several bands and DJ’s scheduled to play.  When I got there, I realized Interpol was playing in the loading dock on the building –which is street level.  Moveable metal fences were the only things separating the cool people who got in, from the non-cool people who didn’t get in =).  I told my friend, just meet me outside and I’ll give you my wrist band –and TA DA!  Instant access!

Interpol was amazing.  They played 2 new songs and did a full hour set!  It was the first live performance for their new bassist and new keyboardist Brandon Curtis. New bassist Pajo tried to look the part too with the hair and all, but Carlos D. will definitely be missed.

The downside? Since it was an outdoor show, it was fucking hot.  I didn’t even dare go near the stage because I knew it would hot-as-balls over there, so I had to stay back towards the street.  It was great because it was such a small show and the acoustics were quite excellent!

The rest of the Creators Project was amazing.  I checked Gang Gang Dance, and this DJ (whose name I forgot) who did his set using beats from from Gameboys.  There was FREE open bar and free food (though I was too late to partake of the food), and we’re talking good liquor and wine.  M.I.A. was also a surprise guest;  I tried to watch but it was too packed and I was too darn sweaty to try to get through the crowd,  Supposedly, she rocked it, but alas, I could only hear it and not see it.  The art and exhibits was quite cool as well.  I definitely had fun.

Here’s a great article about the event.

Some pics of the installations and art:

Cool night.


subUrban girl (and her soundtrack)

18 April 2008

I meant to write this post right after I saw the movie “Suburban Girl” starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. It’s a movie based on the novel “The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing” –a book that I happen to love. In a nutshell, Sarah Michelle plays an Associate Editor in a publishing company, reads books for a living, lives and plays in NYC, and is dating a distinguished older man. Watching it made me reflect on my life as it is right now. In my early twenties, I never thought I’d be married, have kids, own a house, and live outside NYC by the time I was 30.

In college, my goal was to be a writer or journalist or editor and viewed myself writing for a magazine or publishing house while working on the Great American novel. I also fancied myself to be living in an airy loft in Tribeca (before I knew how much real estate cost in Manhattan), going out with my friends at ecclectic restaurants and lounges, and trying my hand at dating. I was never those girls who dreamed about their perfect wedding nor did I have a goal to be married at a certain age. So it’s funny that I ended up far removed from what I thought my “ideal life” would be.

In reality, I hated the singles scene and was always a serial monogamist. I did try my hand at dating and did the bar scene and I always felt so skeeved out by the scene. I met the hubs and in less than two years of dating, got engaged and married. When I got married, we moved to NJ. I remember telling the hubs that we had to live near public transportation so my friends can visit. Well we do but only a rare few have come to visit on their own volition.

I also abandoned my idea of becoming a professional writer since I was so intimidated by all the other much more talented people in my school and I didn’t really have a plan career-wise. What I did do was go out with girl friends and had fun eating out, drinking, and dancing. The hubs and I also continued to do that for the first five years of our marriage. We lived our life much like our single counterparts and life didn’t really change so much.

Then we had rockstar baby. Kids really do change the course of your life. I think that with having one kid, you can still keep up some sort of semblance of life pre-baby. But with two kids, that’s definitely out the window (until they are both of school-age at least).

The whole point of this entry is that I think the life we imagine for ourselves isn’t always the life we end up living –which is not a bad thing. You definitely keep your old goals (for me, that would be writing as a hobby, etc.), but you outgrow stuff (for me, that would be doing the hipster club scene, etc). I’ve always strived to live a life less ordinary, and I didn’t think I was the type to become a domestic goddess, but here I am! Because really, as much as I think it would be cool to live life like Carrie from Sex in the City, I can’t imagine life without my rockstar baby, lil’ C, and the hubs. They are my life and they make me who and what I am today. They definitely make this suburban girl’s life extraordinary.

* * * * *

Now for the soundtrack! I feel so honored! I was lucky enough to be tagged by the lovely Ms. Jet who gave me the following instructions:

1. Choose 19 of the songs you like best, regardless of artist or genre.
2. Put them all together in a CD.
3. Make 5 other copies.
4. Post your playlist on your blog.
5. Choose 5 people and send them a copy of your CD each. Send the first copy you made to the one who tagged you.

Sorry this took a while; I can’t believe I could only choose 19 songs. In any case, here goes (and your CD will be in the mail shortly! Please be patient since I have to track some of these songs down.)

My 19 songs (in no particular order):

1. Lovesong by The Cure
2. Jacqueline by Franz Ferdinand
3. Rock the Casbah by The Clash
4. Shadowplay by Joy Division
5. PDA by Interpol
6. Narc by Interpol
7. No Quarter by Led Zeppelin
8. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix
9. Inaction by We Are Scientists
10. Atomic by Blondie
11. Cities in Dust by Siouxsie and the Banshees
12. There, There by Radiohead
13. Same Deep Water as You by The Cure
14. A Forest by The Cure
15. This One Goes Out to One I Love by R.E.M.
16. New Year’s Day by U2
17. New Hampshire by Sonic Youth
18. Titanium Expose by Sonic Youth
19. Shadowboxin’ by Wu-Tang Clan

I am tagging Tesco Read the rest of this entry ?


my friend K

20 March 2008

Thank you for being a friend
Travel down the road and back again…

I’m sure most of you know that theme song from Golden Girls (a precursor to today’s Sex in the City, I always say!). I love that show because of the characters and their deep friendships. It always reminds me of my own good friends –friends that I know I’ll grow old with. This post is about my friend Karen because I know she and I will still be friends when we’re old, hair gray and patchy. Karen and I met each other way back in junior high when we were F.O.Bs –two chicks “fresh off the boat” so to speak, plucked from Manila and plopped down in the middle of an inner-city public school in Los Angeles. We were in the same homeroom class (hello, Mr. Hession!) and I asked her “Pilipina ka?” or something similar to that. We became friends right after, and that was back in 1988 (’89?). She was my first best friend here in the U.S.

We became very close partly because of our shared circumstances. We were both the oldest in our respective families, and we both bore the brunt of our parents’ strictness. We couldn’t go out and do normal things like go to the movies without asking our moms a few weeks in advance; boys were a BIG no-no; etc. But we also became friends because we complemented each other in many different ways. She’s funny and loud and blunt; I’m a bit more “serious,” and not quite as gregarious as her. She was a whiz at math and I did her book reports for English class. She drew people to her because of her great, outgoing personality and I’m more of an introvert. I consider her to be my first best friend that I made in the U.S. Along with her, we hung out with other kids who were also recent immigrants. There were five of us at school and we dubbed our little gang “KKMSH” which stood for our initials.

Well the “MSH” part no longer exists (I’ve since lost track of them), but the “KK” is here to stay. Although we lost touch partly during high school (we went to separate schools) and college (which I think is a darn shame since she and I were both into the same educational interests), I’m glad we reconnected after we graduated. She moved to NYC right when I started law school and we shared an apartment together. She moved in to our place sight unseen and was taken aback at our little hovel in Spanish Harlem. She said she could only pay $500 a month (which is unheard of in NYC where studio apartments go for $2k/month!) So I persevered and found our tiny hovel which we would call home for about 3 years.

Those 3 years was a great experience. We didn’t miss a beat and got back to the groove of things. We went through a lot of life changes in those 3 years. We renewed our friendship, grew up, “found ourselves,” and explored the city. We both found our respective others and got married, and we continue to be close even though she chose to move back to Los Angeles.

It’s now 2008 and our friendship is still pretty solid. She’ll always be a part of my past, present, and future and will always be near and dear to my heart. She’s the godmother to rockstar baby and she makes sure to fly to NYC at least once a year, and we keep in touch all the time. We don’t chat on the phone anymore like we used to for hours back in junior high, but when we do talk, we always have an instant connection.

She came to visit just a few weekends ago along with her hubs and as usual, we had a great time catching up. She had the chance to hang out with rockstar baby and like any mom, she thinks he’s gifted! Hehehe… It was a short visit and I always end up feeling sad when they leave! Wah! But there will be other visits! Thanks for coming Karen and Babs! See you in July! Love you!

with Ninang K


why pregnant chicks shouldn’t go out to bars

18 September 2007

UPDATE: Since I’ve gotten some comments about this, let me clear the air: SMOKING IS ILLEGAL IN ALL NYC BARS AND RESTAURANTS. So no, I did not expose my baby-to-be or myself to second-hand smoke. I think the smell alone would nauseate me, plus I hate smelling like cigarettes. Thanks for your concern.

I had my Saturday night all planned out: dinner with good friends at a cool place in the city and then dancing/drinks at a bar with even more friends. I was really looking forward to it since I don’t go out on a normal basis (with the exception of playing gigs and watching other bands). The hubs and I don’t even go to movies or restaurants because of the kid. So it was a treat to get dolled-up and go to a chic restaurant. We went to EN Japanese Brasserie –I’ve been there before and I really like the food (try it if you’re in the area but expect to pay $$$). I went with my friends Girlie, Sol, and Ray and we had a great meal. We even got seated in a nice private room and everything.

Dinner @ EN

Afterwards, we were supposed to go to REWIND and meet up with some girlfriends for a pseudo bachelorette party. I was thinking, “hey I know the owner. We’ll sit down, have some drinks on the house (or juice for me), and chillax.” Well, traffic getting there was horrendous. Parking was even more horrendous. The Lower East Side is a madhouse on the weekends past 11 pm. So we find a questionable parking spot. Questionable because it was near a hydrant but I managed to park about 8 ft away from it. I park.

At 12:40 am, we get to the bar and everyone and their mom was there. It’s not a huge bar to begin with so everyone was packed in there like sardines. Fat chance of finding a place to sit. It took us 10 minutes to get to the middle of the bar (which is probably just over 10 feet away). Everyone was at your face and there was absolutely no elbow room. How you’re supposed to buy a drink and dance is beyond me but other non-pregnant people seemed to manage it. I was busy shielding myself with elbows out for good measure. We inch our way to the back of the bar to try to find my friends. No dice. So after about 20 minutes, I tell Girlie let’s go. As we inch our way back to the exit, we run into our friend Gail. Finally! So we weave back through the bar behind her to try to find other grils. Bad mistake. So we weave through, I get fondled by some dude and his hands go all up in my business. Meanwhile, I can’t tell who it is and I’m trying to move away but there’s really no room to move away. On the plus side, I guess it’s good to know I’m still considered…err, grope-able! Hahaha…

So we get back to the car and of course I get a parking ticket, OF. COURSE. It’s a whopping $115 that I can’t really afford seeing as to I have have over $5K in credit card debt. But what’s another $115, right? Oh joy. I should’ve just gone straight home after dinner.

So the moral of this story?

  • If you’re preggo, don’t go into a bar expecting the crowd to part the waters for you
  • If you’re preggo, don’t expect to be exempt from being groped
  • If you’re preggo, just go home when you don’t find parking so you don’t end up with a $115-dollar ticket
  • If you’re preggo, find a bigger bar to chill in if you must go out and party
  • Eh, I still haven’t learned my lesson! I’m planning on living it up this weekend when I go visit Hot-lanta with my friends. See ya when I get back!


    Saturday Night Fever

    13 February 2007
    So even though rockstar baby had a 103.7-degree fever on Friday night, I still went out on Saturday night. Rockstar baby woke up around 10-ish on Friday night with a crazy fever! I called the doctor and she said not to worry, give him some Tylenol or Motrin and the fever would go down. Well, we did give him some medicine and the fever did go down in less than an hour. On Saturday morning, I took him to the doctor’s for a check-up and we found out he had an ear infection. His third one before his first birthday! Ear infections are quite common, and since he had them before, we knew the drill: antibiotics for 10 days (or sometimes, until the medication runs out).

    But like I said, I went out Saturday night because it was my friend Rupal’s 30th birthday. I met my friend Rupal in law school, as well as my other friends Alina and Annie. All of us chicas were born on the 9th –what a cool coincidence, huh? Alina was born on January 9th (as was her sister Laurie!), Rupal was born on February 9th, my birthday is on July 9th, and Annie was born on November 9th.

    Happy Birthday Roops!
    And Yay! We were all born on the 9th!
    reunion at roops' bday party!
    a birthday partyRupal held had her party at 3 Steps –this cool joint on 2nd Avenue and 19th Street. She had a 2-hour open bar and her own signature drink! I had a lot of fun, met this cool (gay) guy named Gavin, and had a great time with my friends. The best part of the evening? The music!! I mean what bar nowadays plays songs from The Clash, The Smiths, The Strokes, and Blondie all in a row?! Loved it!

    The conversations were cool too:

    Gavin: (staring at a guest) Plaid is such a commitment, don’t you think?
    Me: (following his gaze and seeing a guest wearing an orange plaid short-sleeve shirt) Oh yes.
    Gavin: Especially in orange. With short sleeves. In February. Gawd, what is he thinking?!

    With Jamie and Gavin, my new best friend
    fun at roops bday party!

    Rupal: I can only be a lesbian from the waist up *motions from waist up*
    Us: *laughter*
    Rupal: I’m serious. Kissing is kissing. Whatevs. But no way down there. I’m sorry.
    Me: Yeah. I know what you mean. I don’t know where they’ve been.
    Rupal: I know, right?!