about kat

  • My name is Kat. Lawyer by day, rockstar by night, and mom-of-two kiddos 24/7.
  • I’m officially “thirty-something” which doesn’t really bother me until I start looking at the fine lines under my eyes! Gah. At least I don’t have those dreaded ‘crow’s feet’ yet. And I can still pass for a college student once in a while. Oh, and once, this lady thought I was only 19! Oh yeah.
  • I’m a child of the 80’s, a fan of pop culture, music, films, writing, reading, eating, cupcakes, zombies, and playing guitar. But I have faced the fact that I will never be an amazing guitar player. Hell, I’m lucky if I can identify chords at this point. Still, this hasn’t stopped me from playing in a band and pretending I’m a rock star. And buying guitars that are way too good for my skill level, like a Les Paul for instance.
  • My band’s name is plastiq passion. It seems I am on permanent “maternity leave” from the band at the moment.
  • For more fun facts about my stats, click here.
  • You can contact me at: katdlr@gmail.com


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