how soon is now?

25 February 2012

Today is February 25, 2012.  My first post in quite a long time.  For the most part, things have stayed the same, though I must say, I am poised for a change!  Some things that are different:

-the kids are older.  Rockstar boy is now 6 years old, and Lil C is now 4 years old.

-we renovated our house.  I’m not sure if I even posted anything about us renovating our house.  In any case, we moved back in last May 2011, and we are much happier with our new space.  At least, I am much happier with the new space.  However, I know realize that we are quite locked in.  That is, thoughts of moving to anywhere else are not at all realistic.

-I’m older.  I’ll be even older come July.

-I’m writing this post on a brand new computer!  A MacBook Pro to be exact!  It hasn’t exactly changed my life, but hey, it’s much faster than my old computer!

I realize last year that I did not leave the country at all!  And I usually try to do at least one trip.  But we were working on our house, so any other added expense was just not in the picture.

 This year, however, I am going to a brand new place!  I decided to treat my mother    to a Mother’s Day-and-birthday trip to Turkey!  It’s a place both she and I have not been to, and a change of pace from going to Europe.  Then our mother-and-daughter trip expanded when I invited two of my other friends to join us (Girlie, and my co-worker Priya).  So now, it’s a big girls’ trip!  We are leaving the first of May, and I cannot wait.

I also have a pending trip to San Francisco.  I never ever travel for work, but am actually going to a Forensic Evidence seminar in San Francisco of all places this coming March…and the whole family is coming with!  It’ll be a mini-vacation of sorts…I’m also working on a trip to Aruba if everything falls into place!

But for now, I have this picture on my work desktop…something to envision and take me away when all else gets me down.


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